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Top 10 Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Can Be Hacked !!

Worried about the malicious activities of the hackers and their intention to steal the sensitive information from your website? Then, don’t worry, we are going to give you some precious tips that you must implement in order to keep your website safe. Though the WordPress Development Company have made a powerful and secured platform, it is still in our benefit to take precautions to secure it from our side.

1. Poor Web Hosting in terms of Security

The websites are hosted on the web server like all the other websites. The hosting platform is not properly secured by the hosting companies. The websites are made vulnerable to the hacking attempts by this and the hackers get the chance to hack the website very easily.

This problem can be solved by selecting the best web hosting provider. You must ensure that a safe and clean platform is used to host your website. The secured servers can help you to block the attacks on your website. Try a managed WP hosting provider for extra security.

2. Weak Passwords shouldn’t be used

The Passwords are the very important aspect of anyone’s personal account and they must be protected at any cost otherwise the private and confidential data will get leaked. The passwords must be very strong so that the hackers are not able to crack them and get access to your account. You must ensure that your passwords of the below given accounts are strong enough so that the hackers don’t get the access to the website completely.

● The Admin account of WordPress
● Control Panel account of Web hosting
● FTP accounts
● MySQL database account of the website
● Email accounts used for hosting account or WordPress admin

The hackers with the help of some basic tools can easily crack the password of these accounts so it is better to choose a strong and lengthy password that doesn’t contain any personal information like name and birthdate.

3. Unsecured WordPress Admin (wp-admin Directory)

Different actions can be performed on the site with admin area of WordPress and also it is the most common place where the attacks take place. If you leave this place unprotected then the hackers will get the chance to take a variety of methods for cracking the website and steal the user data. It can be made difficult if you add several authentication layers to the WordPress admin directory.

Make sure that you make the admin area of WordPress password protected as it will add the extra layer of security and the hackers will need the password to enter the system. In case you have a multi-user site then you can create strong, heavy passwords for everyone. The two-factor authentication can also be added to make it worse for the hackers to pass through the admin area of WordPress.

4. Wrong File Permissions Given

The file permissions are the rules that are used by the web server. It helps the web server to control the user access on the files. If the appropriate file permissions are not set by you then the hackers will get the chance for writing and modifying the content of the files and even read the files containing the private information that is not meant to be read by some unknown person. All the files of your site should have the 644 value as the file permission. The folders must have 755 as the file permission on the WordPress site.

5. Not Regular Participation in WordPress Updates

It is very important to update the WordPress site on a regular basis so that it contains all the latest updates regarding the security enhancements and bug fixes so that the hackers are not able to enter the site through any loopholes. Every time you update your site the security vulnerabilities and bugs get fixed and the chances of your site getting hacked by the hackers decreases.

If you are not updating your site then you are making your site risky and giving chance to the hackers to damage your website. In case you are worrying that your website will get broken with the update then you get the complete backup of your website before running the update.

6. Themes and Plugins Not Updated Regularly

It is equally important to update your themes and plugins as it is to update your Word press software. Your site can get vulnerable if you use the outdated themes and plugins. It is often seen that there are bugs and security flaws in the plugins and themes and so you have to update them in order to get them fixed. The themes and plugins can also give the chance to the attackers to damage the website.

7. Instead of using SFTP/SSH, Plain FTP is being used

The protocols used in the site also play an important role in the security of the website and that’s why it is important to use the latest protocols and not the outdated protocols. The FTP accounts are used to upload the files using the FTP client to the web server. The FTP connections are supported by most of the web hosting providers using different protocols. You can use the plain FTP, SSH or the SFTP for this purpose.

If you connect the site using the plain FTP then the server receives the password without encryption. The password can be easily stolen by the hackers so you should select the SSH or the SFTP protocols and not the FTP. In such a case, you don’t have to even change the FTP client as most of the FTP clients can connect to the website on the SSH or the SFTP. Change the protocol to ‘SFTP-SSH’ at time when you connect to the website.

8. Never use Username as Admin for WordPress

The default name given to the administrator username by the WordPress Development Company is ‘admin’ and people don’t change it and keep it as it is giving chance to the hackers to enter your system and damage it. You should change the username if it is ‘admin’ as it is very common and everyone knows it. You should keep it something strong and unique making it difficult for the attackers to guess it.

9. Plugins and Themes

Numerous sources are available online that sell the paid themes and plugins for free and people get attracted to buy them for their site. Actually, it is risky as it compromises the website’s security and the sensitive information can be stolen.

It is wise to download the themes and the plugins from the reliable sources. In case you don’t feel the need to buy the premium plugins and themes then you can go for the free options which are equally good. The features of the free plugins might not be that good as the paid ones but your job will get completed using them

10. Secure the wp-config.php File completely

Make sure that your wp-config.php configuration file of WordPress is secured. If its security is lost then the database login credentials will be revealed and the hacker will get the access to the website.

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